Parent Testimonials

Our little boy has attended Kilsby Preschool for the last year. He loves to go to school and asks to go on his days off, whenever he talks about school his face lights up and he reels off all the exciting things he gets up to and always talks about the staff in such a positive way. The staff have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic making sure the preschool community was accessed by all either by attending or home learning. Our son has a disability and the staff have helped him overcome any difficulties and supported us as a family without question, nothing has been too much. The preschool is a homely whole family focused setting, a real heart of the community and I feel it’s not just a job for the staff team but a vocation. I can't recommend them highly enough and can't wait for our second child to attend. -Laura Stanton


I cannot fault Kilsby preschool. From the moment my son walked through the door at two years old they were welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic. Both my son and I felt at ease and knew this would be somewhere he would be happy to spend time. In fact, my son often asked to go there on the days he didn’t attend as he adored it so much!

During lockdown in March 2020 the team impressed me more than words can express. Their dedication to the children, at the expense of their own personal situations was truly incredible. The twice or thrice daily zoom sessions were often the highlight of the day.

We were incredibly sad to leave the Preschool when my son moved on to school and I have signed up my daughter for as soon as she is old enough.

If you wish your child to be exploring nature, getting messy, whilst learning and playing in a fun, caring environment then Kilsby Pre-school

provides this in bucketloads. – Laura Jamieson


I have used Kilsby Preschool for both my daughters and believe they have been happy and have thrived during their time there. I have found Nicki's leadership to be exemplary - she is approachable and applies common sense to any challenges and the setting is well organised with a great range of activities that have certainly aided both of my children's development. Her communication with parents is timely and clear and I believe that she considers things from a parent's perspective. As keyworkers we continued to use the Preschool during the COVID lockdown and the attitude of the staff was welcoming and caring to us all as a family, which made a huge difference during such a stressful time. The extra lengths the staff went to keep all children engaged and included as well as entertained during that time went above and beyond. In short, they could not have done more. I would also give a special mention to Jill, who has been the keyworker to both my daughters. Reading Jill's entries on Tapestry is a delight and demonstrate how our children have been listened to and how staff seem to enjoy time spent with them. My eldest daughter is now at Kilsby school and I believe her transition from preschool was made smooth and relaxed by the preschool staff. My youngest daughter is still at preschool and her only complaint is that she does not get to go there 7 days a week! -Joanna Carpenter


Outside Professional Testimonials

During my time as Head Teacher at Kilsby CE Primary School, I was very pleased to establish a strong working relation with Kilsby Preschool. Leaders and staff of the preschool were very keen from the start to establish a highly collaborative approach, working very closely with the Early Years lead at the school to ensure the children were more than ready for school. This was clearly evident when completing baseline assessments in Reception, with Kilsby Preschool children showing a noticeably higher level of development. The preschool also hosted CPD sessions for both preschool and school staff to develop ‘planning in the moment’ across both settings to ensure consistently strong outcomes for pupils and that learning is child centred and meets the individual needs of all pupils. This has not only had a positive impact on preschool children, but also reception children at the school.

Leaders and all staff at preschool are committed to providing children with outstanding learning experiences which mean children flourish in the exceptionally well-resourced environment. They have developed a spacious and well-resourced outdoor area to mirror their indoor provision and provide children with a wealth of inspirational and innovative learning experiences. All staff have the highest expectations for themselves and every child, meaning that children make significant progress in all areas of learning and show increasingly high levels of confidence and self-esteem. All children rapidly develop the skills and attitudes to support their future learning which is evident when they move onto their next stage of learning when joining school. Staff have an expert knowledge of how children learn best through play and first-hand experiences and ensure that activities provide optimum challenge and are sharply focused on what individual children need to learn next. This helps to promote the highest level of achievement for children of all ages.

The staff team are highly skilled at planning activities that ignite children's curiosity and imagination, meaning children are excited by their learning and keen and confident to share their ideas, views and feelings with staff and each other. All staff use skillful questions to successfully encourage children to think and work out their own ways of doing things. Activities are extremely well delivered to promote children's enthusiasm for learning and excellent systems are in place to observe, monitor and track children's progress. These observations are used exceedingly well to provide targeted strategies to rapidly close any identified gaps in children's learning.

Pupil wellbeing, behaviour and personal development are also significant strengths at KIlsby Preschool with children's social and emotional development given the highest priority. Staff are extremely effective in promoting children's growing understanding of how to keep themselves safe and healthy and children quickly form very strong relationships with staff and each other.

A wide range of successful strategies are used to ensure parents are fully involved and very well informed about their child's learning and parents are highly complimentary of the preschool which results in oversubscription for places without the need for formal marketing. Parents particularly praise how welcome they and their children are made to feel and comment how staff provide exactly what their children need.

It was a pleasure to work with the staff team at Kilsby Preschool and I wish them the continued success that they and the children deserve.

Mr A How


As the reception teacher at Kilsby School, I have been working very closely with Kilsby Preschool for many years now. Nikki, along with all staff, work incredibly hard to ensure that all children have a variety of experiences and learning opportunities when they attend the preschool. These are planned around all the children’s needs and are done in a safe and happy environment. Along with providing these opportunities for the children, the staff routinely reflect upon their practice and change and adapt continually to make it the best they possibly can. 

Although the Preschool is stand alone, not part of our school, we have a fantastic working relationship. As a Preschool and Reception Class, we get together every term for the children to take part in a variety of experiences. As well as this, staff get together termly to talk about improving outcomes for children. This may involve moderation of observations and assessment, sharing teaching ideas or taking part in joint training to ensure there is a uniform approach between settings. The Preschool have took it upon themselves to take on the same phonic and reading approach that we use at school as well as the way observations are recorded and communicated with parents. Again, this ensures a uniform approach and makes the transition from preschool to school much easier. 

Each year, when the new children start school, it is always clear which children have come from Kilsby Preschool. These children always arrive well equipped for the learning journey ahead. They are socially and emotionally ready for school, as well often entering at higher than the expected level academically. Parents are always well informed and primed by Preschool staff so they too are comfortable and happy with the transition to school.

Kilsby Preschool is a loving, caring and nurturing preschool that always has the individual child at the heart of its practice. The children have the best start there and are incredibly lucky to be looked after by Nikki and her team. 

Miss R Smith


Nursery of the Year

Judges Said: "This is an exemplary pre-school. Each child’s needs are individually assessed and supported. Children are equipped to develop resilience, which is a valuable skill in the present climate.

There is a tailored approach to children. For example, when a child with a hearing impairment started at the pre-school, the staff learnt sign language to be able to communicate effectively.

The staff clearly support children in developing confidence, which is reflected in the comments from the feeder primary school. The children are described by parents as having the ‘best start’ and being socially and emotionally ready for school.

The nursery has supported the community throughout Covid and worked hard to continue to support the children in their understanding of the wider world."

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