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Resilient, Capable Children


Learning through exploration

At Kilsby Preschool we recognise that each child is an individual and their achievements, abilities and personalities are unique to them and are to be celebrated.

Play is diverse, free flowing and energetic. We plan 'in the moment' to ensure that the children's interests are used to complement and enhance learning opportunities. Children are encouraged to explore and unleash their creativity; bringing their ideas and imagination to life.

Our vision is to enable and empower our children, placing them at the centre of everything we do. Happy, confident and resilient children, means lively, enthusiastic and capable learners.

Through scaffolding and role modelling, we encourage children to become independent learners. They discover how they can assert themselves and problem solve, building self esteem and self confidence. Whilst learning how to manage their own feelings, wants and needs, they develop an understanding of the importance of empathy and caring for others.

We are passionate about creating an environment that promotes equality and diversity. We want every child that enters preschool to achieve their full potential and be the best that they can be.